Signs of a healthy relationship

While there is probably no such thing as a perfect relationship, there are many healthy relationships out there.


What makes a healthy relationship?


You have mutual respect for one another, even if you don’t agree on everything. You respect the person’s values and opinions, consider them when making decisions, and treat them with kindness.



You trust and feel safe with each other.


Own identity

Being together is great, but it is also good to have your own identity and spend time on your own. You may have a hobby you like to do or meet up with your own friends.



You can share your feelings, needs and wants and in turn, you actively listen to the other person.


Resolve arguments

You don’t argue often, but when it happens you keep an open mind and respect the other person’s point of view.


Support and encouragement

You respond positively when the other person has received good news, and you encourage them to grow.


Values and goals

You share the same values and goals and are committed to reaching them together.


Shared interests

You have some shared interests and enjoy doing them together.



Last but not least, you’re happy in the relationship. You may have some difficulties, but you are happy most of the time.


Relationships are at the core of our lives, and when you are in a healthy relationship, both people feel positive, valued and respected.


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