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Symptoms and causes of anxiety

Anxiety is more than a passing feeling of being worried or nervous when you have something important coming up like giving a speech. When your anxiety is long term and doesn’t go away after a stressful event, it can start to affect your day-to-day activities. Here we look at the symptoms and causes of anxiety.

Anxiety: Is feeling anxious normal?

All of us feel anxious sometimes. You may be feeling anxious if you have an important presentation coming up or a big project that is due – these feelings are unpleasant, but it should stop once the event is over. This feeling of anxiety, nervousness and worry is normal and lasts for a short time.

What’s happening during Mental Health Week 2018

Mental Health Week (7-14 October) is a great time for everyone to focus on and think about our mental health. Throughout Australia, there will be lots of activities and events taking place. We’re taking a look at what is happening in each state and territory.

World Mindfulness Day

No matter who you are, at some stage in your life you will experience an emotionally tough time. As humans we can sometimes process our thoughts and feelings in unhealthy ways, but research now shows us that mindfulness can make a difference to the levels of contentment or happiness we have in our lives.


Anxiety: Is feeling anxious or nervous normal? #anxiety

Can doing your daily routines in an unconventional way make everyday experiences seem fresh? @Catrodie @DailyLifeAu

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