Suicide Call Back Service is a nationwide service providing 24/7 telephone and online counselling to people affected by suicide.

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ReMinder Suicide Safety Plan, is a mobile app available now for both Android and Apple devices. Create a simple suicide safety plan that can be accessed at any time. A suicide safety plan can help to keep you safe. Features: Access helplines, emergency service numbers, breathing and relaxation videos, share your location, store your favourite images, create new themes, add notes and links to suicide safety resources, complete a K10 questionnaire and follow the latest tweets from the Suicide Call Back Service.

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.@EverymindAU have developed a national online training program. The initiative, 'Business Wellbeing' is now available for Australian small business owners interested in promoting mental health and wellbeing in their workplaces:

Looking to talk to someone? Our counsellors are here to help 24/7.
You can talk to a counsellor online or on the phone: 1300 659 467. #counselling #MentalHealthMatters