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Loneliness and social relationships: 14 tips to connect with others

Social relationships and human connection are increasingly important as it can affect our physical and mental health. Learn about the 14 tips recommended by psychologists at the Australian Psychological Society to help connect with others and overcome loneliness.

Depression symptoms: Am I depressed?

Depression is a consistent and intense state of sadness that is negatively impacting your life. Recognising depression symptoms can be the first step in getting help. Read our list of common symptoms you may be experiencing if you are depressed.

Symptoms and causes of anxiety

Anxiety is more than a passing feeling of being worried or nervous when you have something important coming up like giving a speech. When your anxiety is long term and doesn’t go away after a stressful event, it can start to affect your day-to-day activities. Here we look at the symptoms and causes of anxiety.

Anxiety: Is feeling anxious normal?

All of us feel anxious sometimes. You may be feeling anxious if you have an important presentation coming up or a big project that is due – these feelings are unpleasant, but it should stop once the event is over. This feeling of anxiety, nervousness and worry is normal and lasts for a short time.


#Loneliness doesn't discriminate - here's some advice from @SANEAustralia on how to connect when you feel alone.

'The contradictions in the contemporary landscape are a sign that gender roles are in flux... can also mean that positive changes are under-recognised.' Heartening piece from @MonashUni about the 'New Age of Masculinity' :

If we know the warning signs to look out for, we can give our friends the #support they need.

When it comes to social #relationships, quality and enjoyment matter more than quantity. Read on for more tips to connect with others.
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