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Top Topics of 2018

We are constantly striving to provide helpful resources and blog content that supports people dealing with suicide. This year we covered topics that address three key areas: Feeling suicidal, Worried about someone and Lost someone to suicide. So as we round out another year, we’re having a look back at the content and information our community found most useful throughout 2018.

When someone is experiencing domestic violence

Domestic violence is when one person in a relationship hurts the other person. The violence and abuse can be physical, verbal, sexual, social, economic, spiritual and psychological. Understand what the signs of domestic violence are.

Loneliness and social relationships: 14 tips to connect with others

Social relationships and human connection are increasingly important as it can affect our physical and mental health. Learn about the 14 tips recommended by psychologists at the Australian Psychological Society to help connect with others and overcome loneliness.

Depression symptoms: Am I depressed?

Depression is a consistent and intense state of sadness that is negatively impacting your life. Recognising depression symptoms can be the first step in getting help. Read our list of common symptoms you may be experiencing if you are depressed.


Scientists suggest a new way to classify the negative symptoms of schizophrenia, which may influence research and treatment in years to come via @ScienceDaily #schizophrenia

“The clearest message that we get ... is this: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.” More evidence supporting the #socialhealth approach to individual and societal health, from @Harvard's 75 year study into happiness:

Supporting adolescents bereaved by suicide.
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7 facts about #depression via @ReachOut_AUS