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Hands holding the perfect gift at Christmas
The stress of shopping for the perfect gift

Buying a gift can be challenging and often we put too much pressure on ourselves to find the perfect one. Remember that gifts are a token of friendship or love, it’s not about how much you spend.

Time pressure at Christmas tile
Time pressure at Christmas

Christmas is meant to be a time for joy, but many of us are stressed as we are trying to get everything done before the big day. So what can we do? We’ve compiled some tips to help you manage the Christmas period and find some balance in your life.

Taking care of yourself at work

Most people work a 36-40 hour week, but there are also a lot of people who work more or less than that. Regardless of how much you work, it can still take a toll on your mental health.

Returning to work

Returning to work after a mental health issue can be daunting. You may have lost some of your confidence and aren’t sure what sort of reception you are going to receive when you return to work.


If you're struggling to understand and/or get through to a teenager in your life, consider this advice from Dr Michael Carr-Gregg.

"But heavy reliance on devices is responsible for a shift in how we regulate our emotions. A by-product of this instant communication is a diminished ability to sit with uncertainty." Learn more about how smartphones are affecting our lives.

Read Helen and Peter's stories and remember that clinical depression can strike anyone, at any age. Give us a call if you need someone to talk to, anytime 1300 659 467.

Modern dating and relationships are certainly tough, and these 13 questions may help any couple to make sure they're on the right path.

Research suggests working out in a group is good for your mental wellbeing. It makes sense: social activities can make you feel much better!