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Women taking a mental health day relaxing in a park
When to take a mental health day

With three million Australians currently living with anxiety or depression, it’s no wonder we sometime need a mental health day! At times we place more emphasis on physical health in the workplace than our mental health. Look out for these signs you may need a mental health breather.

Man running through a park at sunrise forming new habits
Forming new habits

It’s the new year, and you’re already struggling to keep up some of your resolutions. You started off with the best intentions; forming new habits, but now it’s hard to break the old ones! To help, we’ve compiled some advice below.

Women making a change to her lifestyle
Steps for change in the New Year

We all have our vices, our habits. Things we know that we shouldn’t necessarily be doing that aren’t healthy or simply don’t blend with who we want to be. Even though we know some of the things we should change, motivation is harder to come by.

Top Topics of 2017

Supporting Australians in dealing with thoughts of suicide, helping others when they’re feeling low, and bereavement for those who have lost someone to suicide is what SuicideLine Victoria is here to do, and as we round out another year, we’re taking stock of the information our community found most useful throughout 2017.


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