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Struggling to cope - 6 reasons why you should reach out to family and friends

When we’re struggling to cope, talking about it with the people around us might be the last thing we feel like doing. We might think they won’t care, or that we will be leaving ourselves exposed. However, opening up to someone can often make us feel much better. Here are 6 reasons to reach out to someone close to you.

How lived experience storytelling can help your mental health

Stories are often about people, and a good story is about something we can relate to or identify with. Understand how lived experience storytelling can help your mental health.

The physical and mental health effects of both a good and bad night’s sleep

We often feel ‘out of sorts’ after a bad night’s sleep, yet ready to take on anything after an unbroken eight hours. Here we look at the physical and mental health effects of both a good and bad night’s sleep.

Sticking with your new year resolutions

If late 2018 saw you take steps for change in the new year, early 2019 is all about sticking with them. Change is hard, but here are some tips on how to stick with your new year resolutions.


From new ways to tackle #PTSD & #SuicidePrevention, to new insights into sleep, #Anxiety, #depression & #loneliness, 2018 brought a host of promising new findings that may help us better deal with #mentalhealth issues in the future, from @businessinsider :

Research suggests that negative emotions, in measured amounts, can be beneficial to us. Here's why, via @PsychToday

'… social identity is a fundamental basis for a range of psychological states critical to health & wellbeing… (it's) what allows us to fulfil our potential as human beings.' A new psychology of health - Unlocking the social cure from @psychmag

Federal & state reviews of mental health create opportunities to build a truly holistic model of care. Let's look at the individual as a unique being, w/ strengths & challenges to overcome, not someone that needs to be ‘fixed’. More: #Mentalhealth