Feeling Suicidal

Man with head in hands having thoughts about ending his life
Why do I want to end my life?

Are you finding yourself thinking about suicide? Your thoughts might involve wishing you were dead or you may have thoughts about how you would end your life. You might think that your family and friends would be better off without you. You may be feeling overwhelmed by situations in your life leading to feelings of...

Women looking sad overwhelmed and suicidal
Helping yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed and suicidal

Having suicidal thoughts can be a response to feeling overwhelmed, as if your life is out of your control; that it will never get better. You might think that your family and friends would be better off without you, but it is important to remember that suicidal feelings dissipate. Experiencing these thoughts does not mean...

Women sat on a couch talking suicide
Talking suicide

Talking suicide to someone and sharing your suicidal feelings can be very difficult. You may be worried that you will be told to stop overreacting, or that such thoughts are a sign of weakness. You might feel embarrassed or ashamed. You might feel that it is easier to keep it to yourself rather than taking...

Women sat with her counsellor getting professional support
Accessing professional support

Feeling suicidal can be an overwhelming and painful experience, but it is not something you have to bear alone. Asking for help is an important step towards getting the professional support you need.   In an emergency If you are in immediate danger or concerned for your safety in any way: Call 000 and request...

Man writing a suicide safety plan
Making a safety plan

Work together with someone you trust – such as a close friend, family member, your doctor or counsellor to develop your suicide safety plan. It is a good idea to get these people involved, since you may need to call on them and it is important that they know the best way to care for...

Self-harm: Man sitting on the floor
Help for self-harm

‘Self-harm’ describes when you deliberately inflict injury, pain or damage to yourself and is often seen as a way of coping with intense emotional pain. If you have been thinking about hurting yourself or engaging in self-harming behaviour, you are not the only person to have felt this way, or used self-harm as a way...

Women reflecting after a suicide attempt
After a suicide attempt

If you have survived a suicide attempt, you may have mixed feelings about what you have been through. It may be that you feel embarrassed, confused, relieved, disappointed, or resentful that you need help. A common experience for people after a suicide attempt is fatigue and physical exhaustion. The suicide attempt, reactions from other people...