Worried about someone

Suicide Call Back Service provides phone and online counselling for anyone who is worried about someone. Supporting someone who is thinking about suicide can be a stressful situation. You may even feel guilty that you are not doing enough. These are all natural responses. You don’t have to face the situation alone.

Suicide Call Back Service has a number of resources available that can help you through this difficult time. If it is an emergency call 000.

Couple sat together talking
Six signs my friend is depressed (and how I can help)

Depression is not always obvious and there can be many signs something is wrong. If you’re worried about your friend, here are some things to look out for.

Women sat against a wall feeling suicidal
Why do people become suicidal?

The idea that someone is feeling suicidal and wants to end their life can be a very confronting, and a difficult concept for many people. Understand the contributing factors and how you can help.

Women sat crying at the beach showing suicide warning signs
Learn about suicide warning signs

A person who is thinking about suicide will usually give some clues or suicide signs to those around them that indicate they are distressed. These are often referred to as suicide warning signs. Suicide prevention starts with recognising these suicide warning signs and taking them seriously.

A student sat supporting someone who is suicidal
Supporting someone who may be suicidal

Learning that someone you care about feels suicidal often marks the beginning of a stressful time. While this news may come as a shock to you, supporting someone who is suicidal through this difficult time is important.

Two men sat together discussing suicide
How to talk to somebody about suicide

Discussing suicidal thoughts may seem like a daunting prospect. Learn to shape these discussions with clear and practical advice.

Holding hands supporting someone to get help
Supporting someone to get help

Looking after someone who is suicidal can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. After you’ve talked to them about how they’re feeling, the next step is to support them to get help and deal with these feelings, keeping them safe.

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Looking after yourself when supporting someone suicidal

When looking after someone who is experiencing significant emotional turmoil, it can be easy to overlook your own needs. Make your own health and wellbeing a priority, even if only to ensure that you can continue to provide the best of care for them.

Friend helping someone write a suicide safety plan
Help someone create a suicide safety plan

A safety plan identifies the practical steps the person can take when managing a suicidal crisis that they understand will help them regain a sense of control, and identify the support systems available to them.

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Relationships and suicide

Ending significant relationships is difficult. In some situations, the overwhelming nature of the situation can lead to one partner feeling hopeless and suicidal. Learn how to support an ex-partner who is distressed or suicidal.

Women supporting her friend after a suicide attempt
Supporting someone after a suicide attempt

Discovering that someone you care about has tried to end their life can be a devastating experience. Understand the common feelings and reaction and learn how to support someone after a suicide attempt.

Man comforting his friend who is showing signs of self-harm behaviour
How to help someone who self-harms

Self-harm behaviour describes someone deliberately inflicting injury, pain or damage to their body. It is important to take incidents of self-harm seriously and assist the person in getting professional help. Learn how to support someone who self-harms.

two women supporting one another sitting on a couch
How to help when a friend is overwhelmed

Do you have a friend that is overwhelmed or struggling to cope? Having reached out and asked how they’re going, they’ve admitted they’re not coping well, but what next? Read our advice on how you can help a friend that’s overwhelmed.

Two people standing opposite one another talking about suicide
How to raise awareness - World suicide prevention day

It’s not just about raising awareness of the problem itself — it’s about raising awareness of what issues contribute to Australia’s high suicide rate.

Women comforting her friend who is struggling
How can I tell if a friend is struggling?

Sometimes we notice right away if a friend is struggling or is overwhelmed by a situation. Other times it may be less obvious, but if we know the warning signs to look out for, we can reach out to help them get the support they need. Read on to understand the warning signs that your friend may need help.

Two women talking about suicide
How do you talk to someone who is suicidal?

Talking to someone who is thinking about suicide may not be easy, but what you say and how you listen can make a significant difference to their wellbeing.

Stigma around suicide: The sun rising over a landscape, leaves rays of light dancing through a tree in the foreground
Stigma around suicide - World suicide prevention day

While attention and support for mental health and mental illness continue to grow, the stigma around suicide continues.

Two people having an open conversation about suicide
Worried someone is suicidal - how to start the conversation

Realising that someone you care about may be thinking about suicide can come as a shock. It can be hard to understand why they feel this way and what has led up to this point. If you are worried, you should speak up and talk to your family member or friend about their feelings.

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Supporting work colleagues

Take the time to support your work colleagues. They may be struggling, becoming withdrawn and not coping with their workload. If they are going through a tough time, there are a few things you can do to support them.

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Suicide - A national health problem

Australia’s 2018 suicide statistics showed a shocking 9 per cent increase in the number of people who took their own lives. What can you do to help reverse these figures?

Man sitting alone experiencing domestic violence
When someone is experiencing domestic violence

Domestic violence is when one person in a relationship hurts the other person. The violence and abuse can be physical, verbal, sexual, social, economic, spiritual and psychological. Understand what the signs of domestic violence are.

Two women comforting one another
How can you help to reduce the suicide rate

Suicide is a leading cause of death among Australians. What can you do to help?

How to have a conversation about mental health

You’ve decided to talk to a friend or family member about their mental health, but you’re nervous, not sure where to start or what will happen. To help you, we’ve compiled some tips.

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Taking care of yourself, when taking care of others

Self-care enables you to function in your life while meeting the multiple challenges of the world with energy and confidence.

Two people sharing a moment over a coffee world suicide prevention day
Take a minute, change a life - World suicide prevention day

World Suicide Prevention Day is about taking the time to notice your what’s happening with your family, friends and workmates.