Advice and Support for Anyone Affected by Suicide

Feeling Suicidal

Are you finding yourself thinking about suicide? You may be feeling overwhelmed and hopeless and painfully alone, but it’s important to know that there is help available. Read our resources and advice on helping yourself, talking about suicide, making a safety plan, getting support, and more.

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Worried About Someone

It can be hard to understand why someone has reached the point where they are considering ending their life. If you are worried about someone, we have resources with advice that you may find useful including the warning signs, how to talk about it, supporting someone after a suicide attempt, and more.

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Lost Someone to Suicide

People bereaved by suicide often experience feelings of grief, shock, social isolation, anger and guilt. Read our advice on common experiences, looking after yourself, supporting others and more.

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Health Professionals

Health professionals play an important part in suicide prevention through their role in assessing people at risk, followed by appropriate intervention. Suicide Call Back Service has helpful information and resources on how to conduct a risk assessment and how to access further support.

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