How to have a conversation about mental health

You’ve decided to talk to a friend or family member about their mental health, but you’re nervous, not sure where to start or what will happen. To help you, we’ve compiled some tips.

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Self-care for suicide affected

Self-care enables you to function in your life while meeting the multiple challenges of the world with energy and confidence.

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World Suicide Prevention Day - Stigma around suicide

While attention and support for mental health and mental illness continue to grow, the stigma around suicide continues.

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World Suicide Prevention Day – Take a minute, change a life

World Suicide Prevention Day is about taking the time to notice your what’s happening with your family, friends and workmates.

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The healthy thinking study

A new online self-help program has been developed to help people manage suicidal thoughts and the Black Dog Institute is currently preparing a clinical trial into its effectiveness.

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On the Line, provider of Suicide Call Back Service, welcomes the Federal Government’s Mental Health Reform Package

On the Line Australia, provider of the Suicide Call Back Service, welcomes the Federal Government's response to the Mental Health Commission's Review. On the Line Acting CEO, Linda Kensington commends the Government’s outlined regional approach to service planning and integration.

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