Statement of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Consumers have the right to:

  • receive services in a professional, courteous and caring manner that respects and appreciates individual difference;
  • be provided with adequate and accurate information regarding the services provided in order to make informed choices about engaging in counselling;
  • receive counselling that is evidence-based, flexible and responsive to their individual needs and circumstances from properly qualified and supervised practitioners;
  • participate in, and contribute to, decision making in their care and management where appropriate;
  • expect that their personal privacy is respected and confidentiality protected to the greatest extent permitted by law;
  • access any personal and other information held for the provision of services and correct any wrong information as permitted by law;
  • make a complaint about a service or their counselling experience, with the expectation that any complaint will be investigated appropriately and in confidence without fear of it affecting decisions related to their provision of professional services; and
  • the proper attention of a counsellor at all times throughout their counselling session.


Consumers have the responsibility to:

  • be respectful to Counsellors and other Lifeline staff;
  • not record or disseminate material obtained during contact with a Counsellor; and
  • not use a service for a purpose for which it was not intended.


To the best of their ability, and according to their circumstances, consumers:

  • must provide accurate information necessary for the provision of a service;
  • must engage with services when in a fit state (i.e. not under the influence of drugs or alcohol);
  • should follow the reasonable instructions of a Counsellor in managing their safety and the safety of others; and
  • should only engage with services when safe (i.e. not when driving).