What’s happening during Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week (7-14 October) is a great time for everyone to focus on and think about our mental health. Throughout Australia, there will be lots of activities and events taking place. We’re taking a look at what is happening in each state and territory.



Australian Capital Territory

ACT’s theme is Identity and Growth. The theme means knowing who you are, accepting the past, and growing into your future. Mental illness should never define us; it is one small part of the person we are. It can’t stop us from accomplishing everything we want to achieve. We need to be able to say “I’m me, I’m okay with me, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Visit the online calendar to see the events that are coming up during October.


New South Wales

New South Wales is keeping their theme Share the Journey. How can you share the journey?

  • Tell your friends and family when things are a bit tough
  • Find others who have been through something similar
  • Connect with your community
  • Find a health professional you trust
  • Connect on social media
  • Give your pet a cuddle
  • Share your stories with others
  • Create a sense of security within families and communities
  • Reach out to someone who might need your help.

Find out what’s happening in New South Wales during Mental Health Week.


Northern Territory

In the Northern Territory, Mental Health Week will promote social and emotional wellbeing to the community, encouraging people to maximise their health potential, enhancing the coping capacity of communities, families and individuals, and increasing mental health recovery. They hope to:

  • Increase mental health literacy in the general population
  • Decrease the stigma surrounding mental illness
  • Increase help-seeking or preventative behaviours.

Find out what’s happening during the week.



The theme in Queensland for Mental Health Week is Value Mental Health. They are encouraging people to take six simple steps to improve their wellbeing in everyday life:

  1. Be active – do what you can, enjoy what you do, get moving and improve your mood
  2. Keep learning – embrace new experiences, recognise opportunities, surprise yourself
  3. Connect – talk, listen, be there
  4. Give – your time, your words, your presence
  5. Take notice – remember the simple things that give you joy
  6. Care for our planet – it’s the home we all share.

If you live in Queensland, over 200 events are happening during the week. Use this handy event search to find something near you.


South Australia

South Australia wants everyone to Mind Your Health. They want to remind us that our mental health is just as important as our physical. If you’re up for it, they have a five-day work challenge for you to complete over the week:

Day 1 – Have a mental health break over lunch

Day 2 – Share your morning tea break

Day 3 – Get physical

Day 4 – Leave work at work

Day 5 – Celebrate you!

Check out this calendar for events taking place during Mental Health Week.



The Mental Health Week theme in Tasmania is Stronger Together. They are asking Tasmanians to come together to:

  • Raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing
  • Reduce stigma
  • Build resilience and foster understanding
  • Support wellbeing and self-care by promoting ways to maintain our mental health
  • Encourage individuals to seek help when they may need it.

Lots of events are taking place, so check out this calendar to see what’s on.



Victorians have a month of mental health activities and are mainly focussing on people aged 16-25. As young people move into new adult roles and responsibilities, they may be expected to make decisions and support themselves financially. These major life changes can put pressure on someone, and with one in seven young people experiencing a mental health condition, Victorians are raising awareness and promoting wellbeing.

Find out the events taking place in October in Victoria.


Western Australia

In Western Australia, mental health is a journey that Starts Where We Live, Learn, Work and Play:

  • Live – Living in a thriving community affects our quality of life both physically and emotionally. Check in with your neighbours, friends and families and ask how they are going.
  • Learn – Developing coping skills and resilience for children through safe, strong and supportive relationships.
  • Work – Meaningful employment provides a sense of purpose and stability and can enhance social connectivity.
  • Play – Belonging to a group or community brings meaning and purpose that makes us stronger and more capable of dealing with day-to-day challenges to our mental wellbeing.

With many events happening around Western Australia, find one near you.


If you need support, contact a Suicide Call Back Service counsellor on 1300 659 467.

If there is an emergency, dial 000.