Grieving the loss of a parent - Missing your mum on Mother’s Day

In May, many families will be celebrating Mother’s Day with their mum, but for some of us, this can be a difficult time. If your mother has passed away, the lead up to the day is a constant reminder of what you’ve lost. It doesn’t matter what age you are –  grieving the loss of a parent is difficult and missing your mum on Mother’s Day is hard but expected.

You are probably seeing lots of messages on Instagram and Facebook, television advertisements, and signs in your local shops and restaurants, reminding you that Mother’s Day is coming up. This may make you feel frustrated, sad, and even a little jealous. You may reflect on the good times and miss what you will never get to do together.

At times you may be surprised by how sad you feel and how long it is lasting. Remember that there is no right amount time for grieving, everyone is different, and the process is rarely linear – grief comes and goes.


Finding ways to cope with the loss of your mum on Mother’s Day

  • Spend the day doing an activity you and your mum would have enjoyed. That could be going for a walk in her favourite park, cooking a meal for the family, watching a TV show, or visiting one of her friends.
  • Talk to your loved ones about your mum. Everyone can share stories about your mum and remember the good times.
  • Write down your stories about your mum or create artwork. Reminiscing can help you work through your grief.
  • Be kind to yourself. You don’t have to feel guilty about feeling sad or overwhelmed. Try to accept your feelings and remember that grief is a process.
  • You don’t have to be alone in your grief, ask your family and friends for support. Let them in on what you are going through.

Grieving the loss of a parent can last a long time and can make you feel sad, lonely, overwhelmed, angry and confused. At times it can seem like a roller-coaster with your emotions going up and down. Reaching out to people who care about you, support groups, or mental health professionals can help you get through the grief process.


If you are struggling and want to speak to a professional counsellor, Suicide Call Back Service is available 24/7. Call us on 1300 659 467.

If it is an emergency, dial 000.